Saturday, January 4, 2014

Panorama Worlds:How to make a Panarama World with your favorite photoshop in only 5 steps

Panorama World is a creative way to show off a scene.The technical name of Panorama is 'stereographic projection'.Don't be panic with this name.You can make Panorama World in just five minutes with your favorite photo editing software like Photoshop.

Choosing a suitable photo 

Any panorama can be turned into a good little planet world. But if you are serious about making a perfect panorama world,you have to consider the following points carefully:

1.The viewing angle:Actually a 360 degree panorama works best for the little planet as the edge line up perfectly.

2.The Image Width: The wider image to produce the smoother surface planet while a narrow images produce a height variation. 

3. sky -  sky will be severely distorted in the final image. A clear sky tends to produce the best results, although clouds can give an interesting, stretched effect. 

4. ground - The bottom of a photo will be squashed together to form the center of the planet, and this can lead to some extreme distortion. As with the sky, a flat color or simple texture such as grass, sand or water looks best. 

5. The horizon - needs to be perfectly level so the edges of the picture meet neatly. If yours don't then you can easily rotate and re-crop in Photoshop.


Make the photo square:

1. First we need to square the image.Load your panorama image with photoshop and then go to Image>Image Size Uncheck "Constrain Proportions" and set the height to match the width.

The Photo will look like below:

Turn the Photo upside down: Image > Image Rotation > 180° to flip your image upside down.

Apply the Polar Coordinates filter

Apply the Polar Coordinates filter

Go to Filter > Distort > Polar Coordinates. Make sure "Rectangular to Polar" is selected and hit "OK".


Finishing Touch: rotate the canvas as your desire..