Saturday, January 4, 2014

How to take stunning low light photographs without a tripod

For A photographer taking photos in low light situation is sometimes difficult without a tripod.I have experienced hazards to take photgraphs in low light situation specially after the sunset.It needs lot of patients.

Basically taking a photo in low light situation needs a tripod.But it is sometimes difficult to carry a tripod everytime.Most of time I don't take a tripod in my photography tours.Low light photography needs very slow shutter speed and thus without a tripod it becomes hazy or blurred.

Here I gave a little trick to capture the real light of night by a digital camera.

1. First set your ISO setting manually to ISO 800 or ISO 1600 or as per your requirement.

2. Set your camera to Automatic mode

3.The built-in flash will pop-up ( in the AUTO mode ).Now here is the trick..Just down/close the built in flash that has been pop-up.

4. Hold your camera rigidly and take your breath and shoot..keep the shutter for a few seconds and you will astonished to see the result.

I took following photograph with this trick.

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Shubho Salateen
Director,Zoom-In Photography Ltd.